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Use the shortcode [beatstore-3] on a page to display the new Player

Genres, Moods

In the Admin area and Player is a distinct “Genre” Taxonomy as well as a Mood Taxonomy. Use these to label your tracks and let listeners filter through your tracks.

In previous versions, we used Download Categories to set up our genres. Now, we use the Download Categories for setting up distinct categories of Products, as explained below.

Similar to Categories, you can add and edit your Genres from the Download Edit Screen:



Adding Navigation Categories

The Version 2 Player features Navigation Tabs that showcase separate Categories of Products on your Player.

To get started, edit your Beats and assign them to a Category like “Beats”.



Then, edit your other products, and assign them a category such as “Sound Kits”.

From the BeatStore Settings page: You will see a section “Player Nav Categories”. Add a row, then set your Label, Category and Style for your categories then Save/Update your settings.

I personally like the “Grid” style for Sample packs  / Sound kits and the “list” style for Beats.

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