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MailChimp Integration

Offer a free download to your visitors in exchange for signing up to your Mailchimp Audience/List

Added in BeatStore Plugin Version 2.5.6

1. Navigate to Dashboard > BeatStore > Integrations
Integrations Menu BeatStore
2. Enter your Mailchimp API Key and save.

MailChimp API Key field for Beatstore

3. Select your Mailing list from the dropdown and click save.

4. Want to turn on Free downloads for all Tracks?
Navigate to Dashboard > BeatStore and choose Enable Free downloads on all Tracks.
Enable Free Downloads for All Beats

You can also choose to enable or disable this option on individual tracks if you wish.

Note: The Free download file will be emailed directly from your WordPress Website to Artists, and provide a link to download the Tagged MP3 that you have uploaded to the track. Please make sure your WordPress site is able to send emails first.

On the v3 Player artists can click the download button to enter their name and email and join your list.

Free Download Modal in the BeatStore Player

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