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Getting Started / Setup

Immediately After Activation

You will see a notification/prompt at the top of your WordPress dashboard that will prompt you to install & activate the following plugins:

  • Easy Digital Downloads (or WooCommerce)
  • SuperCPT

Note: if you want to use WooCommerce, at this point just activate WooCommerce instead of Easy Digital Downloads.
Make sure you install and activate just one eCommerce Plugin.


Setting Up Permalinks

The Permalinks page is found under Settings → Permalinks.

We generally require the Permalinks setting to be set to Post Name. Choose the Post name option then scroll down and click “Save Changes”. If you choose another option the BeatStore Widget may not work correctly!

License Key

The license key page is found at BeatStore→License.

1.) Enter your license key into the “license key” field.

2.) Click “Update License”

3.) When the page reloads click “Activate License”.

Payment Gateway Setup

The Payment Gateways Settings screen is found at Beats → Settings → Payment Gateways. Payment Gateways is a tab at the top of the Settings page.

When starting you should set up your payment gateway so you can start accepting payments on your site. PayPal Standard is included with Easy Digital Downloads , we highly recommend PayPal Express/Pro payments or Stripe payments if you want to accept Credit Cards as payment on your site.


General Settings

The General settings and Player Widget settings are found at BeatStore → BeatStore. The Widget Tab is the first tab on the left side of the Page
This is where you can choose your Producer banner image, and if you wish to you can hide the banner. BeatStore also comes with a Visualizer option and primary color theme setting.
Legacy Widget is our original, classic player and support for this player will be limited.

Embed Settings/ Embed Code

The embed options are found at BeatStore → Embed. The first tab “Widget” is for a player with all your music. BeatStore includes a shortcode that can be placed in content anywhere on a page, or post if you want to embed your music player. There is a standard iFrame available on this page if you wish to embed on another website.
The Second tab “Players” is for Playlists, which include selected songs/beats you want to showcase in a playlist. In this way you can embed a Player with just a single playlist loaded on a page if you want.

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