Hip-Hop Producers Are Weak minded ?

Something to think about…why should you charge for beats? Are you monetizing what you are working hard to create? Why or why not?

How to produce a viral song with Oak Felder

It’s not a full guide on how to produce a hit-song, but Oak does a great job of detailing the step-by-step process of how a particular song came together (Sorry Not Sorry) for Demi Lovato. Good guide for any producers, Read More

Choosing the right Web Hosting for your WordPress Website

Full disclosure: There are several affiliate links to SiteGround on this page. It’s safe to assume we will generate some revenue via affiliate sales. There’s a lot of choices out there when it comes to Web Hosting. At the end Read More

Just Blaze Interview

Just Blaze Talks Rise of DJs and Ghost Producing

Just Blaze talks about the sudden rise in popularity of DJs, all the new generes of music and how many DJs go about making hits despite traveling constantly…thats right, Ghost Producing

Finding inspiration for your beats

We have all been there before…For some it only lasts a couple of days , but for others it can last weeks. What I’m talking about is what producers refer to as “Beat Block” or the inability to find inspiration Read More

Top 10 Music Producer Life Hacks

Multi-task. Work on 2 to 3 beats at once, and switch back and forth between them. Finish them one at a time, and don’t rush your music. The point of this life hack is to work on beats in “batches”. Read More

5 things to NEVER say to a Music Producer or Studio Engineer

1. “Can I get a free beat/studio time?” 2. “Let’s collaborate.” Most producers have heard this one 1,000+ times and already know what it really means: working for free. 3. “Work with me. I’m really well known in my town Read More