Licenses and Contracts for WooCommerce Version 1.2.4

Version 1.2.4 of Licenses and Contracts for WooCommerce is getting prepared for release, and there are some important changes in this version:

* Producer Full name & Alias Setting field added to WP Admin -> Licenses -> Settings. (These are Site-wide settings). So they’ll apply to all tracks.
* Producer Alias and Full name fields added to Products edit window. (this is if you want to set the Producer’s alias, as well as legal name inside an individual track).

Important: You will still use the same placeholders {PRODUCER_ALIAS} and {PRODUCER_FULLNAME} but they will no longer be filled by using the WordPress user who created the product. Please update the Licenses Settings with Producer Name and Alias immediately after updating !

* Publishing Percentage field added to Contract Editor, and {PUBLISHING_PERCENTAGE} added to Contract Variables. New installs will default to 50% publishing . If you are updating, you can start using this placeholder in your contract, but you’ll need to edit your contract using the editor.
* Checkout: required to check box confirming user agrees to contract/license terms. This will be on by default on all sites after updating to 1.2.4

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