BeatStore WordPress Plugin: How to Re-Order Beats

This post is for anyone using our WordPress Plugin to sell beats. If you have recently installed and activated our Plugin and are not sure how to re-order your beats, we use and recommend the Simple Page Ordering plugin: Simple Page Read More

How to Make An – AraabMuzik – Track

SoundStar 2 Theme Overview

Click on the images below for a larger version. Head over to for an example of the features on the site

BeatStore Logo

Video Tutorial: Site Setup, Visual Editor & Pages

In this video we cover Beat Store site setup and using the Emulate Theme’s Visual Editor to edit pages.

Video Tutorial: How To Reorder Beats in Player

This video covers how to reorder beats in your Beat Store Player Widget.

5 Plugins You should know Pensados Place

5 Plugins You Should Know – Pensado’s Place

In this video Dave goes over 5 mixing plugins that every audio engineer should get to know. These plugins can improve your mixes and get your sound to the next level without breaking the bank. Credit: Pensado’s Place on Youtube

Tutorial: How to use Scenes and Patterns in Maschine

Here is a very useful tutorial for producers who are using Maschine to sequence their beats. Credit: Maschine Masters Youtube Channel