Stop making FAKE sounding Beats – with DJ Pain 1

Some great tips on making your melodies sound more like real instruments when using VSTs!

How to Make Catchy Hooks

This is a great video on how to make catchy hooks in your song, using Reason 10. you don’t have to use Reason to learn something from this video to improve your music production skills!

BeatStore WordPress Plugin: How to Re-Order Beats

This post is for anyone using our WordPress Plugin to sell beats. If you have recently installed and activated our Plugin and are not sure how to re-order your beats, we use and recommend the Simple Page Ordering plugin: Simple Page Read More

How to Make An – AraabMuzik – Track

SoundStar 2 Theme Overview

Click on the images below for a larger version. Head over to for an example of the features on the site

BeatStore Logo

Video Tutorial: Site Setup, Visual Editor & Pages

In this video we cover Beat Store site setup and using the Emulate Theme’s Visual Editor to edit pages.

Video Tutorial: How To Reorder Beats in Player

This video covers how to reorder beats in your Beat Store Player Widget.

5 Plugins You should know Pensados Place

5 Plugins You Should Know – Pensado’s Place

In this video Dave goes over 5 mixing plugins that every audio engineer should get to know. These plugins can improve your mixes and get your sound to the next level without breaking the bank. Credit: Pensado’s Place on Youtube