How to Get Placements as a Music Producer

As a music producer, the most exciting part of the job is the placements, or the times when your music is used in a song, a movie, a commercial, or some other project. It’s thrilling to see your music come to life and connect with millions of people. But getting your music placed isn’t as simple as sending off your music and hoping for the best. Instead, you need a solid strategy for getting the ears of decision makers and making sure your music is ready when the opportunity arises.


In this article, we explore ways to get your music placed as a music producer.


One of the best places to get started is by working with artists in your local area, and building a network. A lot of first placements will be built off your network, so don’t underestimate it!

You should have a strong, professional network of industry contacts…. Also, make sure your music is in a format that will be easy to embed into any website.


Understanding who to email and when is crucial. Emailing a new artist who doesn’t have a big song yet is the best bet. They will be more receptive to your email and willing to listen to your beats. We recommend sending 3-4 beats that are your best work, and don’t be afraid to include beats that you don’t think are a perfect fit for the artist. Artists are going to want producers who push them and try new sounds, it’s a fun part of being an artist!


Once you have built a network , the key is to get in the studio on a regular basis with the people you know, create new songs and never stop meeting people. You can get placements just from selling beats on your beat store, but the odds are you will get the first placement through someone you met in the physical world, in the studio! Remember to treat everyone the way you want to be treated in the studio including engineers, as engineers are oftentimes connecting people like songwriters , artists and producers with each other. 


Have a studio. Having a studio and charging for time will help you meet new artists , and you can always let them know you have beats if you think they are interested in that. The key is to not be pushy. Bring it up if they seem to need beats or are looking for new material. Knowing how to engineer and make beats will make you a valuable person in your local area and in the industry


One of the best ways to get your music placed is through sync placements. These are when a song you produced ends up being used in a TV or movie ad, or in a commercial. The best way to submit music for these placements is through a dedicated website. There are many different websites for artists, songwriters and producers to submit their music for sync opportunities. Pay attention to the exclusivity needed, some sites will need you to choose non-exclusive or exclusive. Spend additional time mixing and making sure your beats sound great on a TV before submitting!