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Get Started

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard, then go to Licenses -> Settings.
  • Set a Product Category/Categories to attach Licenses to If you don’t already have a Product category i.e. “Beats” then create a Product Category and assign your Products to it. Then return to this screen and select that category.
  • This Product Category is used to apply pricing and license details to all products needed when you Save & apply license settings. It’s important to set this otherwise your pricing updates won’t work!
  • Click on “First Time Setup (Current user)” button. When the page refreshes the 3 licenses will have been created as well as 3 Global Product Attributes.

  • Navigate to the Licenses page in your dashboard, you will see Basic, Premium and Exclusive Licenses in the list
  • To begin editing a license, click on its name in the list.
  • Customize the contract variables (license name, radio stations, distribution copies, etc.) as you wish.
  • Important: When you are editing a license, select the relevant Product attribute from the Product Attribute dropdown (Basic License should be linked to “Basic” attribute.) Premium License will be linked to “Premium” attribute ( See screenshot below).
  • When you are done customizing the license variables, you will want to save.
License Edit Page
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