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Create Variable Products

You will need to use Variable Products for Licenses to work. Variations could be something simple like Small, Medium Large, XL variations of a T-Shirt. For beats, we want to have license options like Basic (MP3) , Premium (MP3 + WAV), and so on.

In WooCommerce, each variation of a Product is created from a set of Attributes, and we automatically create a “License” attribute when you run the  First time setup from the Licenses -> Settings Admin Page.

After running the First Time Setup, you will see 3 terms created for you: Basic, Premium, and Exclusive. You can always add more or change the names of these. We recommend if you are starting out to use the License attributes to create your first variable products.

Attributes are also what the Licenses and Contracts for WooCommerce Plugin uses to create a link between the Licenses to your Beats.

If you have never set up variable products and are not sure how, you can learn step-by-step how to create variable products from the link below.

Variable Product


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