BeatStore Features

Create a Site

Create your own website and manage the appearance and content. Create blog posts and capture visitor emails to build your email marketing list. BeatStore sites is the perfect way to run your Beat selling website without writing any code. Every site comes with a free address like

Your own Domain

A Beatstore membership includes a free sub-domain, and you can even link your site to your own unique domain name (e.g.

Run a Blog

BeatStore includes built-in blog software. You can create a new blog or import an existing Wordpress blog to BeatStore. A blog is an excellent sales and marketing tool.

SEO Optimized

Your website is already SEO optimized when you launch it -- So you don't have to tweak anything. If you're an advanced user, you can edit the meta information for your pages too.

Blazing Fast Servers

Our server network delivers quick access for your buyers worldwide

Beautiful Themes for your website

Secure Cart System

BeatStore provides a reliable and secure cart system for your Site. Accept PayPal and have your beats delivered via secure download link. You can also have receipts sent automatically to customers to confirm their purchase. BeatStore provides email templates that you can customize for your customers.

Embed Anywhere

You can embed the BeatStore Player Widget on any website by copying a code snippet

PayPal Ready

Use the world's most popular way to process payments, and get paid instantly.

Multiple Currencies

Choose from a number of currencies from all over the world

Discount codes

Offer discount codes that save customers money and boost your sales


BeatStore makes it easy to manage all your beats and organize the associated meta information. From your dashboard you can set prices, enter product names , enter genre and details. It's also very easy to re-arrange your beats with drag-and-drop organization. You can set multiple prices for each beat (e.g. Lease, Premium Lease, Exclusive)

Custom Licenses

You can include as many different licenses for your beats as you want (Lease, Exclusive, etc.)

Include WAV Trackouts

Your customers can get download link to the trackouts of a beat if they purchase a specific license specified by you.

Set Download Limits

With BeatStore, you can limit the number of times a download link can be used by customer after making a purchase in order to prevent link sharing.

Include Your Own Contract

It's very important that you legally protect yourself as a music producer. BeatStore enables you to include your own contract with your beats, protecting your music and increasing the professionalism of your online beat store.

Knowledge is Power

BeatStore provides built-in analytics to track the plays, sales and progress over time. The built-in analytics will help you determine where your business is coming from and how to increase sales.

Grow your Mailing List


Use MailChimp to manage your mailing lists and build a fan base. Email lists are a great marketing strategy for producers and can help boost your sales

Easy CMS Integration

Sell your beats with WordPress

Integrate with your Pre-existing website or Content Management System -- If you already have a site and want to embed your Player widget, we make the process easy. Just copy and paste a line of HTML code into your site and start selling!

Want to upload and manage your beats and then sell them directly from your WordPress powered website? Check out our WordPress Plugin!


Video guides for everything from uploading your first beat, to customizing the themes for your site

Discussion Forums

Get involved with the community


BeatStore uses industry standard SSL encryption on every page to ensure secure connections and safe browsing for all users.

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