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The UI Theme 1.5.7 and higher supports custom WordPress Menus.

This is optional, and if you want to keep the pre-built pages ( View Tracks, Pricing, Contact ) , you can just leave the Theme default settings.

1.) From the WP Dashboard, go to Appearance->Menus. Create a new Menu , and assign it to the “Primary” location.

2.) Add menu items (pages, posts, etc) you would like from the left side of the screen.

3.) You have the option to add the Pre-made UI Pages (All Beats, Pricing, Contact), by adding a Custom Link. The Pre-made pages load quickly, and playing music will continue to play when navigating to them. From the left side, click Custom link, enter # for the URL, choose some Link Text  and then choose the corresponding built-in page from the Route dropdown.

Note: Once the menu is assigned to the “Primary” location & saved, you will see a dropdown within menu items called “Routes”

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