New Feature: SoundCloud API Integration

Today we are proud to announce SoundCloud API Integration on BeatStore!

What exactly does this mean for producers?
You can now easily stream any public track from your SoundCloud directly to your BeatStore Widget. No need to upload your beats on two different websites. This is ideal for anyone who already has a large number of beats on SoundCloud that they want to license via BeatStore.

Instructions on using SoundCloud API with BeatStore:

To upload a New Beat and link to Soundcloud:

1.) log in to your account, and click Beats -> Add New. Enter your beat info , e.g. title, pricing , beat files.

2.) Scroll down to “Audio Preview Source” and choose “SoundCloud” from the dropdown.

3.) Now, paste your SoundCloud link in the space that says”Link to SoundCloud Track”. Click “Publish” to save your Beat.

( Your SoundCloud link should look something like


If you wish to link an existing Beat on BeatStore to a SoundCloud audio track:

1.) Log in to your BeatStore account, and click Beats -> All Beats. Select the Beat you wish to update.

Follow steps 2 and 3 from above. Click “update” to save your Beat and you’re all set.


If you have any questions or comments about SoundCloud integration, leave a comment below or contact us