Frequently Asked Questions WordPress Plugin

Is the Plugin a one-time charge?
The Plugin is sold with a 1 year License which includes E-mail Support and Plugin Updates. After one year, you may renew license at a discount and continue receiving support and updates. If you don’t renew the license, the Plugin will still operate normally.

Will Payment Gateway _____ work?

You can use any Gateway that works with with Easy Digital Downloads, or WooCommerce. PayPal and Stripe are the most popular gateways that we also recommend.

Are my Beats stored on my own Website?

Yes. Your files are all stored on your website host.

Am I able to make more than one player/playlist on the same site?

Yes you can make more than one playlist and then embed them as separate players

What WordPress hosting do you recommend ?

Kinsta, WPEngine and Flywheel

Does this work with my Theme? Will my Single Product page still work?

We are testing the plugin to work with all major WordPress themes. Your Single Product page and other templates will still function the same.

Can I install the Plugin on Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify?

No. the plugin currently only can be installed as a WordPress Plugin.

Is AutoPlay Still supported?

Currently most Browsers are blocking Autoplay entirely  , so we have decided to not have it as an option on players going forward.