The Bedroom Super Producer

Learning from other producers is an extremely important part of the journey to success within the Music Industry. More and more people are coming to the realization that you can, with the right work ethic and focus make money selling beats. The Internet flipped the music industry on its head for a while, but its a whole new game now and Producers are marketing and selling beats to thousands of clients all around the world. JT Cloutier has written a book on his journey. Check out the description below.

What if I told you there exists a secret community of music producers who make a living selling their music online at hourly rates that rival even those of star music producers? Would you be willing to take their secret oath, never go back to your old nine-to-five, and create your dream lifestyle? Would you have the patience and drive to change your mindstate, music production techniques and health habits to sustain this highly demanding way of life? If you answered yes to all of the above, you might just be ready to follow the ways of the Bedroom Super Producers. This step-by-step guide to music composer lifestyle design teaches: • How J.T. went from a six figure job in a Fortune 500 company to composing music full-time, almost doubling his revenues within the first two years • How to compose, sound and live like the pros • How to monetize every second spent in front of your equipment, making sounds and songs • How to create healthy habits that will sustain a life of creativity and productivity • How to create a truly fulfilling life as an artist Let this little book open a new world of possibilities for you. Let it show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes…

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Bedroom Super Producer

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