1. “Can I get a free beat/studio time?”

2. “Let’s collaborate.” Most producers have heard this one 1,000+ times and already know what it really means: working for free.

3. “Work with me. I’m really well known in my town and I can help you get hot/popular/signed!” Right …. so if you are so popular shouldn’t you be making money from doing shows so that you can pay a producer?

4. “Listen to these tracks I recorded in my grandmothers basement , they are so awesome and I know you’ll love them!”
Please, stop doing this! Don’t send your tracks or spam people that don’t want to listen to your music. Especially if they don’t know you on a personal level. It reeks of desperation and honestly will get you nowhere . Start by building relationship with people who might want to hear your music . Later you can ask them if it’s OK to send a link / email. Trust us it works!

5. “I’m really broke right now. Can we just split the profits on this track 50-50 when it starts making money?” Again, unless you know a Producer on a personal level and have the paperwork necessary to establish this kind of agreement, don’t even bother.

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